Meet Our Fiber Producers

Laughing Crow & Company is a flower and fiber farm.

In other words, we're yarn farmers, too.

Our fiber team consists of Angora goats which produce "mohair" and Angora rabbits which produce "Angora."  All of our animals are raised with kindness, respect, and love as they are also part of our family. Our Angora goats are shorn twice a year. The Angora rabbits are shorn about every 4-5 months.

We feel that it's important that you know none of our fiber animals are part of our family and live out their lives here at Laughing Crow & Company. They are never in distress or pain when they are shorn. In fact, animals that are raised for their coats (wool, mohair, cashmere, Angora, etc) need to be shorn regularly in order to lead a healthy and happy life.



rocky rock me.jpg


Rocky (sometimes referred to as Yakkity Yak) is a black/silver colored Angora goat. He's our herd sire and our pride & joy. People often mistake him for a human child the way we go on and on about his good looks. Can you really blame us?

Bottle Kids

Sometimes we get to hand feed kids (nobody complains :D ). These are special times and an experience that's never taken for granted. 

There are various reasons this may happen and we try to accommodate their goatie needs the best way that we can. Hand-raised kids are given bottles for 5 months. This is almost as long as their own mothers would naturally be let them nurse.  

Some bottle kids can be fed by us and then spend the rest of the time with their mothers. Others are basically orphaned and spend all of their time with their people-herd. We always prefer that even if they are orphaned that they have a buddy or two to grow up with. Goats are prey animals that instinctively find safety living in a herd, plus it makes for an easier adjustment when they are ready to live with the other goats.

Angora Rabbits

There are four recognized Angora rabbit breeds used for fiber production in the United States: English, French, Satin, Giant, and German. We raise French Angora rabbits here at Laughing Crow.

Angora rabbit wool is one of the top luxury fibers and can be sold raw (right off the rabbit), spun (into yarn), dyed or left as their natural color. The wool is so fine, that it's usually blended with other fibers such as sheep’s wool, mohair, silk, and cashmere.  Angora is said to be seven times warmer than sheep's wool and considered too warm to create an entire garment. Blending angora fiber with others will add softness, warmth, and a ‘halo’ effect to yarns. 

Harvesting rabbit wool should never cause the rabbit pain nor harm. In years past PETA has released a horrendous video showing a rabbit being abused as the wool was removed from its body. This is not the norm for most breeders and is unacceptable on every level. You can feel confident in purchasing Angora wool from reputable fiber farmers.