We’re breathtakingly close to becoming empty-nesters and we think “close” is good enough for celebration. We figured what better way to immortalize our (almost) new freedom than by starting an old-fashioned, creative business together?

In these last four we’re-getting-seriously-close-to-being-able-to-sit-in-the-hot-tub-nekkid years we're regrouping, redefining, and relaunching. And this time around the right side of our brains have carte blanche to run the show. Tattoos may or may not be involved.

About Us

Bob is the one with the beard. For twenty-five years Bob’s made coloring kitchen cabinets an art and he’s been looking for some new canvas.

Enter our acreage. 

I’m Chris. I’m paid by random people and publishing houses to string words together in ways that (mostly) make sense. I spend much of my time alone in front of a computer talking to the people that live in my monitor. Running a business in living color rounds out my social life which includes people of the same. (Live people, that is. Not necessarily people in color; although that would be fine, too. Nothing says “I’m alive” like copious amounts of good ink.)

About Our Company Name

Laughing Crow was the name of a favorite family rabbit that completely channeled Melissa McCarthy. Except that he was a he. And black. And a rabbit.  So we christened our Northern California foothill farm in honor of him. And because the animals out-number us something like eight to one, we added “& Company” (the company being us uprights).

Also the word “laugh” is in our last name so we got a two-fer right there.