The Flower Fields at Laughing Crow


How We Got Here

When I’m asked about how I became so smitten with plants, I usually tell a story that comes from the very beginning. It’s all about a ten-year-old-me, 50 or more of those tiny bathroom Dixie cups, volunteer seedlings from the yard, my brother’s little red wagon... and a profit. Like my parents before me; another entrepreneur began to show her colors.

That story is so firmly embedded in my mind that I had forgotten a couple of other stories that only continued to fuel my passion for growing. Like when I was sixteen and I wanted summer work. My mom worked at a local florist, so she put in a good word for me.

I arrived daily to a place with air so dizzyingly-sweet, I would literally close my eyes when I walked through the door so that my olfactory senses could capture every nuance of the freesias, roses, carnations, and lilies housed there. I fell hard for the bounty around me.

That said, my style has never been one of "the final product." I prefer to delve into the origination of things. I have this urge to go back to the beginning of what I love and grow the plants that fill the florists. It's this same desire that drives me to raise the fiber that is spun into yarn and later knitted into textiles.

Bob Likes Growing Things, Too

Coincidentally, Bob came into my life at roughly the same time as my job at the florist. I'm not going to pull your leg here and tell you that we got busy discussing flowers. You're smarter than that. We "discussed" a great many other things, but plants never came up.

Fast forward to years later, Bob and I are married and I'm popping out kids like a Pez dispenser. And gardening. It took more than a couple of years for him to take notice of the plants. But when he did something about them grabbed onto him like Invasion of the Body Snatchers...and he started talking like a gardener.  

Bob started his own business and I started another. Eventually I became the writer that I always wanted to be with my focus on gardening books. Writing books takes a lot of time away from the garden and Bob's business keeps him away during daylight hours. Which is unfortunate because we live on a little ten acre farm...and little farms talk to you in your sleep.

Then one day, the entrepreneur gene (that we both carry) reared its head once again.

I heard myself say to him, "We need a flower farm." He said "Yes. we. do."

The Flower Fields of Laughing Crow & Company

Laughing Crow's Flower Fields are nothing short of a labor of love. The flowers graciously share their space with the Angora goats, horses, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and bees. Nestled into the foothills of Northern California, we are a fully organic wonderland of flowers, animals, and modern farm life.

At this time, our flowers are only available wholesale for local designers and florists. Please contact the flower farm for more information.